The Life Change Lab, Accelerated Learning Program and Platform


A People Powered, Heart Felt and Heart Energy, Propelled, Collective Human Initiative


Incorporates the World's Leading Brain and Body Computer Interface Technologies


The Worlds Leading, Natural, Holistic, Medical, Neuro & Life Sciences & Therapies


Technology with Holistic
Head with Heart
Mind with Self
Physical with Metaphysical
Person with People

culminating in

A World of Unlimited Accelerated Learning, Outcomes, Achievements, Breakthroughs and Global Possibilities

Welcome to Life Change Lab​

LCL specialises in the Global Delivery of an “Interactive and AI Powered”, Bespoke and Confidence Based “Accelerated Learning System” that focuses on “6 Core Human Development Areas” using the latest cutting edge,  AI, Behavioural, Neuro, Cognitive and Nutritional Science combined with the latest BioSensor and Brain Computer Interface Technologies


  • Imagine a “World and Population” of almost “Eight Billion People” who have all been exposed to the same level of “Enhanced Learning” and  “Knowledge”.

  • Imagine a “Smarter World” making “Smarter and More People Orientated Decisions”.

  • The second you begin to “Imagine It” is the second “It Becomes a Reality”

Our Vision

  • LCL’s vision is to act as a Central Platform for the dissemination of the worlds leading “Accelerated Learning”  and “Life Science Technologies” and in doing so, making them more accessible to a Worldwide Population, at an affordable price for anybody who has access to a Computer and the Internet, regardless of the Social Background or Social Circumstances.

  • For the first time in “Human History” there is now an “Opportunity” to create an “Even Playing Field” for the “Global Population”  through the provision and dissemination of “Advance Life Science Technologies”  that will assist each individual with “Enhancing” their Learning (Reading, Memorising) and Mind Management Skills, culminating in a greater sense of Achievement, Self-Worth, overall Confidence and Productivity.

  • LCL will be working with some of the world’s leading, Neuroscientists, Bio-Chemists, Behavioural Scientists, Nutritionists, Fitness Experts, Reading Champions, Memory Champions, Quantum Physicists, Geometrist’s and Meditation Guru’s from around the world to deliver the LCL Personalised and Bespoke “Accelerated Learning Program”.

  • LCL’s Vision will be achieved using a combination of “OnLine Solutions” and “LifeChangeLab Retreat Centres” working on a Country by Country basis, to achieve a “21st Century Holistic Way of Learning” and “Excelling”

Our Goal

  • Our Goal is to “Help the Global Population” , to “Help Themselves” and “Enhance their Already Existing Natural Genius and Capabilities”  through the provision of State of the Art on-line and hosted self administered “Neural, Physical and Bio-Chemical Programming Solutions”  combined with the latest developments in Bio -Sensor and Wearable Technology.
  • The current breakthroughs in Advanced Mind Management Technology,  Advanced Nutrition,  Digital Fitness, Photoreading,  Mnemonic Memory Techniques and Neural Programming now makes the “LCL Accelerated Learning Solution” possible .

We Need Your Help

  • We are now arriving at a point in our research, whereby we are now ready, to start developing the First Stage of the hosted LifeChangeLab – Accelerated Learning Platform on a Step by Step Basis

  • As a First Step, we are now inviting the participation of Project Managers, Subject Matter Experts and Programmers, to engage with us and Help Us, take our Research which is sitting on Trello, from Concept through to Reality

  • There is 6 Component Modules at present to our Life Change Lab Program, which are summarised as follows

LCL Accelerated Learning Modules

  1. Personalised and Self-Administered Mind Management and Mindfulness Training  
  2. Personalised Diet, Nutrition, Microbiome, Nootropics, Biochemistry   
  3. Heart & Tauras Energy Activation via Compassion and Benevolence Exercises
  4. Quantum Reading & PhotoReading  
  5. Mnemonic Memory & Memory Palaces
  6. Personalised & Digitally Assisted Fitness and Overall Wellbeing Program 

Contact Us

If you interested to participate in helping us Develop, Design, Build and Deliver the LifeChangeLab – Accelerated Learning Platform, please feel free to send us an email and we will provide you with a more specific brief of what is required and how you can contribute


We look forward to hearing from you!